366 Days of Gratitude

Be grateful. Every.single.day.

Community Journal

366daysofgratitude.com is an online collaborative project that aims to bring people together to inspire each other to live and meaningful and happy life – through the power of  being grateful.

I´d like to call it a “community journal” where people from different parts of the world can meet, interact, share and inspire each other through the value of gratitude. Yes, gratitude is the theme of this community blog. There are millions of things to be grateful for in this life – people around us, experiences, accomplishments, gifts that mean something to us, our health, our profession, words, actions, even challenges!

The goal? For us to help each other find something to be thankful for in life, which will in turn help us live a happier life. And since we share this world – a grateful world is a happy world!

This blog is an expression of the power of gratitude. It hopes to be an expression of shared happiness, too.



  1. Hi hi

    I am grateful for the fact I have a consciousness to see things as they truly are 🙂

    Peace love and compassion to all

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