January 1, 2014.

I was on the plane en route to the island of Boracay in my home country, the Philippines. I woke up at 8am that morning thinking “why not?” At 13:00 I was at the airport with a backpack, and a ticket in my hand. I had a window seat, and looking outside the horizon, I reflected on how I can make 2015 a better year.

I decided that everyday – every single day from that day on, I will be grateful for something or someone in my life. And I would write it down in a little notebook. Sometimes, I would share about it on social media. Sometimes I want to be grateful for 5 things in one day, sometimes 10. I decide when I wake up in the morning, or before I sleep at night. I did not let a day pass by without telling myself what I am grateful for.

Today marks my #366, the day I go back to the year´s cycle. I let gratitude guide my life. This practice of gratefulness everyday has made me a happier person!


This online collaborative project is inspired by many things.

People: First of all, the people in my life – papa, mama and my siblings, my family, friends, my partner, colleagues, mentors, students, trainees, fellow peace advocates, yogis and yoginis, surf buddies, and many more others who have allowed me to learn and see part of my life through them. All these years, I´ve been blessed with so many amazing people around me, some come and go, some stayed. Either way, you have made a mark!

Places: I´ve been lucky enough to have travelled far and wide; whether countries, cities or communities, visiting these places and understanding their cultures have nourished my well-being as I grew to be more aware about our inter-connectedness, and conscious about how my little actions affect other parts of the world.

Projects: As a peace worker, I have embarked on many initiatives that allowed me to understand how my passion and interests can be best used for making a difference. My competences and talents have helped create wonderful outputs with people I work with, and in return, I am given the constant motivation and inspiration I need to continue in this journey! Thanks to these projects, I find such great meaning in what I do.

“Less is More” is a personal project that I started when I turned 30. Every single day for 30 days beginning on the day of my birthday, I gave up something (material) that I have. My goal was to de-clutter my life with unnecessary things, especially material ones that I do not need. I thought I would not manage to make it to day 30, to be honest! On the 30th day, I decided to continue it, but make it on a weekly base. Then I decided to include (giving up) not just material things, but also bad habits, traits and “ways of doing.”  I still continue this until this very day, and it´s amazing how much space (and time!) I have made for myself and for things that matter most! This personal project was inspired by many others who have done similar things. Eventually, “less is more” inspired a whole lot the idea of this gratitude blog.

Grateful living is another living inspiration to this blog. When I first thought about this personal idea, I did not know about http://www.gratefulness.org/. Simply put, I share this discovery.

Lastly, this project is inspired by a greater Being who is behind all these – someone always there in the greater scheme of things.

I am grateful.