366 Days of Gratitude

Be grateful. Every.single.day.

A heart of gratitude makes a beautiful and happy life.

12033057_10156306927655713_1845226193648438575_nHello everyone! My name is Meg, and this is a personal project I have been working on for quite awhile now. This is a fruit of my own practice of 366 days of gratitude, conversations with people, constant reflection, and mindfulness and inner peace practice that gives meaning to every single day I get to live.

I cannot say “Thank You” enough for everything I had and have been given. But I can share them, and make them an instrument to inspire others around me to be grateful.

I have become happier in life, and you can be, too! – M


  1. hey, Meg! Love you!

  2. Thank you! :-*

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